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Bistrot Gautté

Bistrot Gautté is a charming little bistro with exceptional food, in the heart of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie. It’s located right off the bridge that crosses La Vie River and faces the market square on Saint-Gilles market days.

It is a wonderful place for lunch or dinner, and the best way to experience their seasonal menus is to order one of their prix-fixed menus. This includes an appetizer, the main plate, and one of their beautiful desserts.

Exterior of Bistro Gautte in Saint Gilles Criox de Vie

The Appetizers:

  • One of their signature appetizers is a seafood platter for two.
  • It includes a delicious assortment of little seafood nibbles, from seafood rillettes, house-smoked salmon with a delicious chive cream sauce, and accras, a highly addictive Caribbean fish fritter.
  • So good are these fritters, you can also order a whole plate of them for the table as well.
Appetizer platters of various seafood dishes
La Planche de Bistro (pour 2 personnes)

Seasonal Specialities:

  • During the summer inquire if they will be serving their famous Lobster Fritters as a special while you are in town! If so, do not delay booking a table!
  • They don’t last long, and while we were there last summer, they ran out, but then brought them back by popular demand. They are THAT good! We ordered a few for the table and they were devoured in minutes!
  • And of course, like all their plates, Chef Nicolas has a way with the garnishes, every dish is as beautiful as it is delicious.
Lobster Fritters and a plate of seasonal  langoustines
The “Famous Lobster Fritters” and fresh Langoustines

The Main Dishes:

  • Bistrot Gautté has a wonderful selection of main course options that range from fish to duck, chicken, and beautiful homemade gnocchi.
  • One of my favorite dishes last summer was the seared cod with shrimp, served with a delicious sauce.
  • My nephew had the duck which was also fantastic.
Duck Frites and Fish dish
Seared Cod with Shrimp and Duck Frites

The Desserts:

  • Do save room for dessert! The portions are manageable and the flavors are sensational!
  • Whether you are in the mood for a lighter summer fraisier or a rich chocolate peanut brownie in caramel sauce, the choices are varied and delicious.
Desserts from Bistro Gautte
Seasonal Fraisier and Chocolate Peanut Brownie

Walking Off Your Meal:

  • Bistrot Gautté is located in the older part of town, and just across the street, you can venture into the church square. On market days this is where all the action is.
  • Then meander up the hill, into the small side streets and you’ll be able to discover the old homes of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie
  • There you can admire charming 2-story stone facades with local character.
  • For a more strenuous walk,  you can head back to Maison Coli, park the car and walk through the residential neighborhood until you get to the path of La Corinche. Easily accessible through the parking lot of Pilours Restaurant. On a beautiful day with the sun shining, and sea breezes flowing, walking along La Corniche is a slice of heaven.

The old hoiuses of saint gilles croix de vie

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