Entry chest and Mirror at Maison Coli
Tour Maison Coli


When you arrive at Maison Coli, you’ll enter through a small entryway that leads to the open kitchen and great room beyond. It’s a charming entryway that is also quite functional too!


Entry way to Maison Coli

The Entry Chest

Inside the chest is a book of brochures and pamphlets of fun things to do in the area. From Chateaux to visit to water parks for the kids, historic sites, and many other outdoor activities! As well as maps for biking and getting around. Please feel free to add your own brochures of places you’ve found that you think others would enjoy!

Front door entry at Maison Coli

The Bench and Baskets

The baskets in the entry are for you to enjoy during your stay. They are great for shopping the markets, or heading to the grocery store for a few items, or taking a picnic to the beach. There is also an umbrella in the corner for rainy days, which do arrive from time to time!

Bench and Baskets in entry at Maison Coli
Baskets and bags for shopping in the markets!