A plate of Sardines and Fried Potatoes
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Le Banc des Sardines

Le Banc des Sardines is a charming little food truck in the parking lot of the Port of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie. It serves up fresh, local sardines grilled to perfection!

a fishing boat in the harbor
Boats leaving the port of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie

How to Find It?

Le Banc des Sardines is a bit off the beaten path which is why it’s mostly frequented by the locals who know where to find it! It’s accessible across the train tracks, via a parking lot reserved mostly for the fisherman. There are a few public spaces available to customers that don’t require a card to get in.

customers ordering sardines from a window in the food truck

How Le Banc des Sardines Started

Le Banc des Sardines was started by Serge Doux, a fisherman who comes from a long line of fishermen. Serge used to operate fishing excursions for tourists, and every time they came back into the port of Saint-Gilles they would ask him where they could get a good grilled sardine.

He didn’t know, so he decided to open a little sardine restaurant himself, and Le Banc des Sardines was born.

Serge Doux Owner of Le Banc des Sardines
Serge and his sardines!

What To Order?

The plates of grilled sardines come with the most delicious deep-fried potatoes, a wedge of lemon, and bread. It can be a messy affair, which is also part of the fun! And not to worry, Serge is generous with the “handy wipes”.

Plates of sardines and potatoes

A Local Treat

Sardines are so plentiful in this region of France because they feed off the local plankton, which is also plentiful here! This is why you get great-tasting sardines in Saint-Gilles-Croix-De-Vie. You can find many shops selling the tinned variety, the most well-known shop is La Perle des Dieux, but another wonderful way to enjoy them is grilled.

The best season for the sardines is the spring and summer, and in fact, Serge is so particular about the freshness of his sardines that if they are not in season, or the boat hasn’t arrived with the daily catch, “Le Banc” is closed.

Watch a Video Visit to Le Banc des Sardines

Get There Early!

Customers start to line up right before noon, to place their orders and get a good seat! They don’t take reservations, so it’s first-come, first-served. It’s best to check the website for the hours of operation since they change seasonally.

outdoor seating at le banc des sardines

Place Your Order

You place your order at the counter and a lovely hostess will call your name when it’s ready.

While you wait, try the Rillettes des Sardine which is served with small toasts and is like a sardine mousse. Light and flavorful and so delicious too!

Collage of images from Le Banc des Sardines
Lunch is ready! Come and get it!


a plate of sardine rillettes and toast
Rillettes de Sardines with Toasts

Try the Local Wine

The local wine is a dry white wine which is the perfect complement to the rillettes and the grilles sardines! Bon Appétit!

the local wine white in a bottle with paper cups
The local white wine served in bottles with paper cups adds to the fun “picnic-like atmosphere”

The Details:

  • Le Banc des Sardines
  • 63 Quai Marcel Bernard-Port de Peche 85800 Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie
  • Check Website For Hours of Operation: Le Banc des Sardines