Exterior of French Chateau and Gardens
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Logis de la Chabotterie

Less than an hour from Maison Coli, is the marvelous Logis de la Chabotterie; a rustic-style Chateau from the late 18th century, complete with period rooms and formal French gardens.


Exterior Facade of the Logis La Chabotterie

The War of Vendée

The Logis de la Chabotterie is located in the Vendée region, south of the Loire in Western France. The War of Vendée involved the “counter-revolutionaries” who were on the side of the King during the French Revolution.

This is a very interesting time period that is brought to life via an interactive exhibit as the Logis which illustrates the historical events leading up to the war and its eventual conclusion which coincided with the capture and arrest of General Charette in 1796 at the Logis de la Chabotterie.

Plan Your Visit

You could easily spend the day here as there is much to see and do. First off, there is a fantastic gourmet restaurant on the grounds, housed in one of the converted dependencies of the Chateau. The Restaurant Chabotterie has an impressive menu and it is a wonderful start to an inspiring visit. Reservations are necessary.

Large Barn Doors to a French Chateau Restaurant
Entrance to La Chabotterie Restaurant


Collage of Plates served at a Michelin Star restaurant
Starter Courses at La Chabotterie Restaurant

Touring The Rooms at Logis La Chabotterie

One of the first rooms you’ll visit as you enter the Chateau is the formal dining room. The museum has done a wonderful job keeping the rooms decorated in such a way that you have the feeling the residents have just left the room momentarily and could be back any moment to take their place. From a jacket draped on a chair to decanters filled with wine, La Chabotterie does a thoughtful job keeping the house “alive” for visitors.

Engage the Tour Guides

The guides are knowledgeable and if you plan your visit at the right time you can take advantage of a guided tour, or costumed reenactment. Check the schedule for seasonal special events. It’s fascinating to hear how food was kept warm, drinks cool, and why the table was set a certain way in 18th-century France.

an elegant dinning room in a French Chateau

The boiserie or wood paneling, in this room, is also impressive! And it’s fun to imagine what it would have been like sitting under the candlelight of the crystal chandelier. It must have been magical.

Old Dark Kitchen in a Chateau in France

The Kitchen

The kitchen is also worth a visit to see how rustic the “appliances” were back then. The pottery, baskets, and furniture are beautiful pieces that each had their unique purpose in preparing and serving meals for the entire Chateau. The stone flooring is also quite impressive!

Maids Room in a French Chateau

The Servent’s Quarters

The tour also includes the attic of the chateau where visitors can tour the servent’s quarters, which were essentially just a corner of the attic without much privacy. Yet they are beautiful in their austerity.

The Formal French Gardens

Be sure to take time to visit the formal gardens of the Logis which include both floral parterres as well as vegetable beds and orchards. They are designed in the formal French style which is best appreciated from up high, out of the windows of the chateau.


  • Address: Logis de la Chabotterie Saint Sulpice le Verdon, 85260 Montréverd, France
  • Tel: +33 2 51 42 81 00
  • Logis La Chabotterie Website
  • Make time to also visit the gift shop! It has wonderful items from the region, historical books, as well as gifts for children, can be found here too.