Guest Bedroom with Bed and French Doors open to a garden
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Bedroom One

The first bedroom down the corridor of Maison Coli is Bedroom One (we also call it the “Guest Room”) because when our family is here this is the room the guests who are visiting like to stay. It has a charming French door that lets in the light in the afternoon and also can function as a separate entrance/exit out to the car or the pool.

The shutters are working shutters and can be easily closed at night, to let in cool air or keep out the sunlight in the morning.

Large View of Guest Bedroom at Maison Coli in Vendee France

Each side of the bed has a reading lamp that is easily switched on or off from a tug on the chain or the light switch below. Each side of the bed also has its own nightstand with drawers for phone chargers, reading glasses, or a good book!

Detail of pillows on Bedroom at Maison Coli

The Details:

  • The bed is a standard French-style 2 person bed (140cm x 200cm)
  • The bed frame has its own drawers on each side, for storing clothing or other belongings.
  • This room is also one of the lucky rooms to have its own closet both for hanging items as well as shelves for shoes, and bags etc.
  • This room also has a ceiling fan with various speed settings
  • A rack of hooks is behind the door for hanging bath towels, a purse, or hats.
  • The floors are concrete with small area rugs.

Tour The Guest Bedroom In The Video Below!

How-To Guide For Renters:

The video below will demonstrate how to operate the ceiling fan. It will start in English and repeat in French.